TBMB – Think Big, Make Bigger

Think Bigger Make Bigger

Who we


TBMB is a consulting firm that helps the corporate world identifying the best solution to finance investment projects.

TBMB works closely with its clients to find the financial and fiscal incentives that promote innovation and operational transformation, align to the priorities of the European and National policies for Digitalization, Industry 4.0, Energy Transition and Circular Economy, providing the right stimulus for the strategic growth in a corporate ecosystem in constant change.



Find financing solutions for our clients that promote the creation of new ideas, products, solutions and strategies that enhance the corporate structure.



Add genuine value to our clients´ projects, as well as create a tangible impact in companies, industries and people.

Principais Objetivos

Main Objectives

Support our clients in their growth processes and improvement of the competitive position. Contribute for an intelligent specialization and for the exporting profile of the Portuguese economy.

Vantagens Competitivas

Know How

Our Team

Rafael Silva

Co-Founder and Manager of the Investment Projects Department, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Renewable Energies Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energies Engineering and Energetic Efficiency, both through the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. Has long and solid curriculum in a multinational environment in the investment consulting field. In his professional performance he is a strong leader and a manager committed to his goals. In his free time, Rafael is dedicated do his family, to fitness and appreciates moments of business culture sharing.

João Santos

Management and Innovation Consultant, with a Bachelor´s Degree in Business Management through the University of Bolton and a Master´s Degree in Business Sciences, with a Major in Logistics, through the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal. Fluent in English, has a vast professional experience with clients in a national and international context. Highly motivated, dynamic and business-orientated, presents solutions for different problems in an effective and pro-active way.

Nanci Maia

Projects Management and Execution Manager, with a Bachelor´s Degree in Management, through Lisbon Nova University. With a solid professional experience in consulting, with special attention to areas connected to fiscal benefits and community funds for investment support. As a Manager, Nanci is a key element in the success of the clients with projects in execution. Methodical, organized and disciplined, she gives her best for the organization. Woman and dedicated mother, she loves to travel in family.

Telmo Vilas

Senior Management and Innovation Consultant, with a Master’s Degree in Accounting e Finance, through the Higher Education School of Technology and Management of Beja. Possesses a vast experience in the preparation of application for the Portugal 2020 program, in several sector of activity. Faces every new project with enthusiasm and searches, in a decisive manner, to add value and support every client through every challenge. Is very proactive, always available to present solutions that result in an advantage for the Organization and its growth strategy. Telmo enjoys giving his opinion in an honest and impartial way, he shares and thinks about the well-being of the team. Ethics, Responsibility and Honesty are principles always present in his actions.

Flávia Dias

Projects Management and Execution Consultant, with a Bachelor´s Degree Human Resources Management, through the Higher Education School of Business Sciences from the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, she integrates the Projects Management and Execution Department that provides support to projects with investments from community funds. Flávia accepts every challenge, in a positive way and with a strong commitment. Has strongly invested in her growth in the incentives area, highlighting her ambition and worry to provide an excellent service. Likes to promote a good business environment and to contribute for a dynamic and motivated team. Loves to communicate and to use this skill with wisdom. Commitment, Responsibility and Confidentiality are values presented in her day-to-day activities.

Lino Maia

Senior Management and Innovation Consultant, with a Bachelor´s Degree in Renewable Energies Engineering and and a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, both through the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. Has a vast experience in the preparation and submission of applications to the several incentive programs. With a critic, innovative and strict spirit, he presents the best solutions for the success of his clients. Lino possesses a great team spirit and promotes help between colleges, as well as a great capacity to work under pressure. Lover of nature and serious practician of outdoor sports, Lino privileges health and well-being for a strong mind.

João Maduro

Management and Innovation Consultant, with a Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration and Management, through Católica Lisbon School of Business Economics. João possesses a great team spirit and is a committed to all the responsibilities he is given. In his free time, João is a football lover

Sandra Dores

Board Administrative, Sandra integrates the Financial Administrative Department. Has a vast professional experience in the support and growth of companies. She is a responsible professional with a great focus on the client and in excellency, with great organizational skills and a great capability to resolve administrative matters. Accepts positively and with great commitment all of the challenges that are proposed. Supports the clients, from de creation of the company to any changes that might occur. Responsible for the invoicing and payment control area, she considers this a sensible and challenging part of the business. Sandra promotes a good environment in the organization and demonstrates availability to support her colleges every day. Her personal life is dedicated to her family and has a special taste for exploring new locations.